What do you do to your tracks after rack?

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There’s a few ways to do it, and I’m exploring them all. One trick is to run your clock with a trigger that also triggers the recording at the exact same time… make sure its the same BPM as your DAW etc and blame it sohuld all line up. T

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I am using an ES-8 for this task


over time i developed a reaper template for working with vcv. i usually send stereo audio at 48kHz thru bridge into reaper (my daw), apply fx, and listen to that as i work on the patch.

i’ve tried replicating that into vst host fx within vcv, but i am not satisfied with the performance, and the much longer startup time of patches (which makes switching patches a hassle). so for the time being, i am reverting to using bridge and reaper.

typically i record the incoming signal in reaper, and fx are applied as post fx on the channel. the chain i have developed for my use contains:

  1. eq, normally just a low cut at 50 Hz and a high cut around 16kHz, while sometimes i add some unwanted frequency taming
  2. sonic anomaly quadracom, a 4 band mid-side compressor and transient vitalizer
  3. then a couple of airwindows plugins for some subtle analog-modeled coloring/saturation
  4. stereo widening with airwindows stereo fx, which can also make the bass mono
  5. a final stereo compressor which should seldom get hit, just to tame the loud outliers

i send the signal to a second channel with reverb, normally sanford reverb, but sometimes valhalla vintageverb and/or shimmer. i don’t always use this, as plateau gives plenty of lush reverb, so i turn this channel off or on as needed.

on the master channel i have a brickwall limiter, that i turn off after recording, as it should not get hit in the mastering phase. it’s just there to protect my ears, but normally outliers should get caught by the compressors. i also have u-he satin for tape “glue”. it is quite expensive but versatile, and i use it on every track i publish.

and finally there is youlean loudness meter to keep an eye on the final level.

as you can see, the majority of plugins i use are actually free. and even satin could be replaced with one or two of the excellent free airwindows plugins.

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Next version of NYSTHI recorder will have file name and path save option, before trigger. This way you can ARM multiple recorders (with file names all set) if needed, and sync them all to record trigger.
This will make stem recordings in VCV even better:)

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Interesting. That’s so much more than what I would have ever known to do.