Weird Windows 10 problems

Weird behavior #1:

  1. Open rack. The last patch loaded is running.
  2. Click ‘New’
  3. When I save it overwrites the original patch.

For a while I thought this was PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair) but it happened again and I lost a patch I rather liked for the second time.

Weird behavior #2: Changing buffer size with Focusrite Saffire Pro40 hangs Rack. I have to kill Rack and restart it.

I’ll also log this on github, when I’m where I can grab a useful log.txt

#1 Overwriting template? Save As.

#2 Check for driver updates, FYI changing buffers on the fly is not something ASIO likes to do.

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It seems like I used to change the buffer size all the time and that the hangup behavior started happening with one of the minor update releases.

To Weird behavior #1: I have often had the same problem, but not only with “new patches”, but also with changeing/loading already existing patches. This usually happens to me with large patches or patches in which e.g. a “host” module is loaded, which loads a large VST, e.g. Kontakt Player or similar. Very annoying, but I think this has been described here before. A solution would really be very welcome.

The thing is when you load a new it loads the template, if you make changes to the new and save, the Save-As dialog should come up. Does this happen?

Yes, the dialogue comes even if you do not change anything.

It is impossible to save over the template with save, you have to do file>Save template you are presented with an info box asking “Overwrite template patch?”. The only way a .vcv file is overwritten is when it has the same name i.e. “Patch01”. If you want to keep changes in a previous patch - file>Save As and rename i.e. “Patch02”, otherwise it will overwrite the patch as it has the same name.