Weird ghostly buzzing sound in Nysthi Plateverb

Really @synthi I’m not complaining. That weird resonant buzzing that happens every so often with Plateverb is a feature not a bug. :grin:

What causes that? Am I pushing the parameters too hard?

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never found the cause… I worked a lot on it

pity is random ! :smiley:


Haha! I remember way back when I actually thought it was a feature :slight_smile: TBH I had no idea at the time which module was causing it.

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You’re bringing the experience of working with hardware audio gear to the virtual world! I wonder how many times have I had a track up for mixing and said “where is that weird sound coming from?”

This sounds like a case for Valgrind! If you run Rack under valgrind it will glitch constantly, but if there’s any dodgy memory accesses it will find it.

Whenever there’s mysterious random software behavior that’s my first tool to try.

I remember years ago I was working on mechanical dynamics simulation software. The core solver was written in INSANE dusty deck FORTRAN. There was a problem with it not converging as quickly on a solution as the Big Brain who wrote the algorithm expected it to. We used valgrind and found a place where it was using a garbage index into a Fortran table, and it was scribbling in the intermediate results.

It still converged on a solution eventually, but once we found and fixed the bug it got way faster.