wavetable creation

hello i wonder if there is some module for recording / creating wavetables? that i could also load in some wavetable synths like serum for example and in the vcv wavetable osc

There is this one, it can record short wavetables but not export:

And then there’s this external software and library of wavetables:


I have a small python example, and a wavetable bank for the “seven seas” module

and the free edition of Vital has a wavetable editor ( but if you have Serum, you probably don’t need that)


thanks guys i use some of these but i would like to make some into vcv , i really miss a export fonction in the tiny tricks oscillator . seven seas can record it seems, it can help for wavetable creation? i was hoping for a module that can record some audios and export as wavetable

yes you can record 1024x1024 samples organized in 64x64 wavetables recording in 7SEAS
doesn’t mean you create correct wavetable! it’s just a toy! or you have to be very careful on timing

generating cycles of 256 samples respecting current SR

best way: use WAVEEDIT

thanks i will try with seven seas . with synth what i like is i can make wavetable of a fm sweep or a resonant bandpass filter sweep or both ect there is lot of possiblities and it s quick ,in wavedit i use it sometimes i have to recheck if it s easy to do stuff like that but it will take way more time i guess , thanks you !

what would be great is a module that record one waveform cycle at a time, so i can record, tweak a little the oscillator or filter, record a other cycle ect… there is no need of lot of different cycle , 4 or 5 is already enought for very intresting wavetables .

there is also serum wavetable studio that is quick but more limited than wavedit and also zebra 2