Wave Folding Precise Metrics

Hello similar beings! I’m trying to find the specific values and translation formulae/ratio to fold the wave in specific ratios. In this example, Im folding the wave at Phi ratio and for that, I’m using PhiMatrix anyhow, the wave fold value I input for this is about .67, and, don’t know what is the relationship between the input value and the wave fold ratio.

What is the ratio / formulae to translate wave fold ratio into wave-fold shape input value?

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Seems that nobody knows (and nobody cares) about the math behind WaveFolder. If you can read code, take a look at MSM-vcvrack-plugin/Wavefolder.cpp at v2 · netboy3/MSM-vcvrack-plugin · GitHub and MSM-vcvrack-plugin/Wavefolder.hpp at v2 · netboy3/MSM-vcvrack-plugin · GitHub

Btw. PhiMatrix is a nice handy tool. Thanks for sharing it.

You welcome. Yes, thanks for letting me know nobody cares on this post and the one before this too. Its a motivation to find a programmer and do my own stuff.