Was there a change to how Arpeggiators work? Or Clocked?

Bit confused here: I’m pretty sure I’ve always been able to just use arpeggiators, mostly the Hampton Harmonics “ARP”, but for some time now, they - and yes, I believe all of them - have stopped accepting on/off, 0/10 Gates and now require me to add an Offset to push the low below 0 volts. What gives?

Could you post a small example patch ?

it doesn’t show too well on the scope, but…

Offset 0

Offset -.X


Arps.vcv (5.3 KB)

Does this one do what you want ?

Arps Test.vcv (4.6 KB)

Just set up your audio out and hit the spacebar.

So, why does yours work without an offset but the original does not, as I confirmed?

I changed the clocked settings and turned the ARP to Latch.

Confused². I open this, it’s all good. I delete ARP and replace it again, it’s not. I do notice that the “Latch” switch is off when I place the module, but I don’t see how this is the problem. Also, Count Modula’s Arp module should show the polyphonic channels in the Status LEDs, right?


I’m still using VCV 2.1.2, I’ll update and report again.

Ah, it appears to me that the latch was the key.

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I’m not that familiar with the Count’s Arp but I know that the status depends on the gate input, so you have to multiply the gate to get the status up to three like so :

Ah! Thanks :pray:t3:

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There is a long thread here about the vcv voltage standard for gates. As it points out, the current standards is that less than .1 volts is considered low.

brilliant :heart_eyes: (should have been the title of a the Doors album.)

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Or the title of Aldous Huxley’s book.

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