Vult modules purchase

I am confused about purchasing Vult modules. It is not at all clear to me whether they are $25 each, or whether that charge is for the whole set, as it does say ‘add Vult modules to cart’ (plural), but I am not sure. I would like to know before ‘checkout’.

When you add plugins to your shopping cart, you can check which modules you are purchasing by clicking the “>” icon on this page.

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its 25 for the “Vult Modules” group. so you"ll be receiving access to all the modules in that group.


There are four sets of Vult modules, three of which cost (and imo are worth every penny).

  • Free, includes 30 modules.
  • Paid, as free with extra functionality and 8 additional modules.
  • Compacts, which includes Freak, Incubus, Knock & Vorg.
  • Mysteries, which includes Lapsus, Quincunx & Dopamine.

I will echo that they are worth every penny. Easily they are some of the best stuff going.