Vult: How do I get the Vult modules to look like they look on the Vult website?

I see on the vult website : the modules look much more realistic than what I have. They aren’t the hardware ones either… How do I get them to look like that?

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I think these are the faceplates for Rack 1.0. They will be released soon.

Yes. as Nick mentions. They will look like that when Rack v1.0 is released.

these look great, I want that faceplate too !

you can get a pre-release if you can compile the v1 (compile the v1 is not difficult) and the Audible Instruments and other ones is are ready too!

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I downloaded and compiled v1 ( and vult 1 ) but the knobs are not realistic, and it just seems to have a different color palette. What do I do?

can you upload a screen capture and the description of your OS?

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In any case I recommend you to wait until I release new binaries tomorrow (20/may/2019).

If you still have problems, they should be resolved when Rack v1.0 is released.

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