Vult Basal: self-modulation

A mystery within a mystery: I did a quick patch using Basal as a sound source to test Dopamine. I didn’t feed it through a VCA, just plugged it directly into the audio output.

When you listen to the raw oscillator it seems to have what sounds like a reverb. It isn’t unpleasant, just mysterious; a self-reverbing oscillator!

Is this what is meant by “a self modulation techniques that acts when the oscillator is moved.”

By the way @modlfo , I appreciate that you’re not a native English speaker, but that sentence is mysterious. Do you mean that the self modulation technique acts when the frequency of the oscillator moves?

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Wrong developer or wrong module?

Whoops not @synthi, I meant @modlfo (Leonardo)

With many developers comes great numbers of names!


Basal is a combination between an exciter and a resonator. The reverb-ish sounds come from eat resonator. When the pitch is steady, the wave becomes very steady. When the pitch changes, the resonator makes the sound “move” until it gets steady again. It’s easier to spot the self modulation when the pitch changes abruptly.