Vult Basal built in reverb.

I often start experimental patches with a Vult Basal + Vult Slap, and one of my favorite sounds is the ‘built-in reverb’ in Basal. @modlfo explained why it’s there but I’ve forgotten why - something to do with the string oscillation underpinning the audio generation, but hey that’s less important than how it sounds.

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same here, Basal is one of my basic oscillators

Is this something that you can control or is it just “there”?

It’s just there & it’s an artifact of the synthesis method,which makes it extra awesome. It’s a mysterious, subtle, honor ever b reverb!


Very often I do the same combination: Basal + Slap. I’m thinking on making a module that combines both adds a few extras.


Thanks for the hint! I always try to be creative with Basal, but was not aware of this reverb artefact until today. Tried in a quick patch and yes, it’s there. Sounds great. : ]

exactly what I use in my template patch,

maybe you can add FM and a nice delay and some corrossion from debriatus …

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Basal/Slap voice would be cool. In my version you’d have two Basal with pitch offset & FM. FM with Basal is unique because the sound generation algorithm is unique.

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Wonder if it’s possible to get an IR of that reverb behavior.