VST2, VST3 and CLAP crashing when opening a patch in Bitwig with 2.2.1

Anyone else having this problem with 2.2.1?

I’ve contacted support about it.

Do you mean opening the UI or just opening a new/saved patch?

All formats crash when opening the UI for me and have done for a year now.

Opening a saved patch. It’ll cause Bitwig to go into a loop of reopening the VST and the VST crashing again until I delete the channel that VCV is on.

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Have been advised by support this is a known bug and was happening when opening a patch with an exsisting audio module.

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Seems similiar to : Rack 2.20 Linux shows blank plugin window with Bitwig

and : Reaper and VCV[Solved] - #5 by PaulPiko

Seems to be known issue and will hopefully get fixed soon.

Have done some tests by opening (small simple) patches with Rack 2 Pro 2.2.1 (VSTi 2.4) in Bitwig Studio 4.4.5, Windows 10, no crashes noticed, but… huge risk of crash as soon as I resize the Rack plugin window (mainly when the bottom of plugin window is over the Bitwig’s bottom bar).

Short video here

Can’t reproduce by using CLAP, instead (no crash). VST3 plugin isn’t installed on my rig.

Reported to support by email.

That’s interesting, I reported that almost a year ago. For me, it caused a whole system crash and some project corruption. Glad to see it’s getting fixed though.