Visual impairment and vcv compability

I’m curious if there are existing workarounds for using vcv rack with visual impairment. Thoughts on this:

  • Has anyone experience in setting up jaws to read information from jacks or knobs - is this even possible?
  • What module collections support setting up cusom skins that support vanishing sight? It is not an issue yet for me but might be with some years to come, so I’ve started thinking about this.
  • Setting up the core modules with custom svg files works fine but not every developer is happy to see custom skins.
  • Would your countrie’s healthcare providers support fees for developers working on this topic/ paying partially for finished products?

Also are there people around who have favorite non modified collections which are easier to process with limited eyesight?

Thanks for your thoughts and insights.

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Is this some sort of software? Rack v2 will have tooltips on ports to display information.

What colours would be appropriate for the visually impaired? Is there different colours for the type of impairment?

Any countries healthcare probably will not support any fee’s for a product unless it directly affects an indefinite or emphatically large number of people. It is up to users of VCV Rack to show their support either buy purchasing their modules or making a donation to developers.

As for jaws - here is an overview. Jaws screenreader on wikipedia

I’ve seen it a lot back at university though I am aware that linux-users have different workarounds. It allows you to display content on a braille displays. Some musicians hook them up on studio equipment to visualize mixer-outputs.

As for the colours - I’ve seen various types around such as:

  • black - green
  • contrasting blue - yellow & blue white
  • White-Black
  • High contrasts between relevant parts
  • clean surface without texture or patterns or other confusing backgrounds

As mentioned above I am not a first hand expert. I’m not in contact with any visual impaired people right now, those connections broke at some point. With the diagnose at hand the question arose - but time is not pressing and if I have better information (like hex code combinations) to provide you with, I’ll happily do so.

I remember talking with a visually impaired person on one of Omri’s livestream, he said he used rack often and that only a few modules were hard to read for him.

But since people might have different eye issues might not be the case for others, and others would need screen to speech software i suppose

No, mine (France) wouldn’t. Healthcare is just for some medecine , doctor fees and surgeries, they don’t fund accessibility stuff for handicaped people. We do have a national Handicap fund that gives a pension to Handicaped people that might work on things like that tho.

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No. Panels store text as paths, meaning the renderer doesn’t know what text it’s drawing. Also, the screen is rendered with OpenGL, not native OS widgets, so other software can’t read UI text like tooltips.


This is a very valuable information, thanks for explaining.

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