Video music visualizations

I did do a search in case this topic had been covered.

Doing the VCP and watching other’s videos I noticed a great use of visualizations to music being used and I wonder if people might say which programs they use to create these.

My videos at the moment are a bit boring - just recorded straight with OBS - and I want to make them visually more exciting.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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Hi, what are VCP and OBS? Please make acronyms explicit if possible.

A couple of threads about music visualizations:

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The “Very Cool Patch” is a challenge that takes place every two weeks in the forum. People have to make a patch using an imposed module. Every participant will then be in a youtube playlist.

OBS Studio is the name of a free Screen recording software that can also be used to stream. It’s used by many of us here for our videos (me included) but also by many “big” youtubers (pewdiepie uses it).


Something you could do ( if you have some video editing skills) is take some video from Qj quantum (
and Morph it with the video from Obs. I have no idea how to do that lol, but i’m sure it’s a possibility :wink:

Thanks @Olival_Clanaro that is the sort of thing I am looking for.I will have a closer look.

Hi @mixer: My question was to do with creating visualizations based on sound (Touch Designer is quite expensive) and therefore those two threads are not really appropriate, but thank you for taking the time

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unless you want to make money with your music videos, you can use the non-commercial free license for touch designer.

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Just to brainstorm the thought process involved the workflow of something like this, I feel like I hit a brick wall with real-time VCV and Touch Designer interaction. I had Caudal modulating my patch & visuals , looked nice i thought, but then it slows down the frame rate like crazy when i go to record it all. Then I tried disabling the visuals and just recording the midi data in Touch Designer and screen capturing VCV in OBS. Then I turned off VCV & OBS, played the midi data back in Touch Designer with the visuals, making another video. Put these both together, but the visuals didn’t sync to the music at all. What a headache lol, I sort of gave up for now after spending a whole day on it. I almost think you need 2 computers just to run it all together at the same time. Doesn’t help that i have zero experience in anything video related. Would love to hear more solutions from you guys. I guess you could just use the final audio file of your music to modulate your video, I don’t personally like audio rate visuals, i love when they are slow and smooth, but maybe filtering it would work ok.

At the moment my videos aren’t all that exciting but I want to get into Blender scripting and use it with Nysthi Logan to get data from the patch into the video software.


There’s also open source milkdrop called ProjectM.

Hook into it via JACK while using JACK for Rack in Linux. It’ll provide visuals as per sound.
Whereas TouchDesigner, you’re programming your own visuals. Man, I’d love to do that with some other variant software, but not enough time and know-how. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if Milkrack is being upgraded to Rack 1.

Milkrack works on v1 ( but I don’t have builds for Windows. I can provide OSX & Linux builds, but building for Windows is super hard because of the dependency story. That’s also why I’m not able to offer Milkrack on the VCV store yet.

If you’re good with Windows build systems, help is wanted :wink:

Oh, good thanks. But I’m on Windows, and don’t have any plugin build experience.

Thank you.

I think touch designer is what I am looking for. A bit of a learning curve but worth it.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. It has been a big help.

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I made those time ago with Processing & MAX/MSP

or only Processing:

Also something that i forgot, FL studio has a wonderful video maker with a highly customizable Visualizer.
I think even with the demo, you can still export your work :wink:
So you can make your track with your usual Daw, import in FL studio, put the visualizer plugin on the master track, and export a video :slight_smile:

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I’ve built it for v1 successfully on Linux (Fedora 23), it reliably crashes Rack. I’ve run it in the debugger but I’m not getting a clear picture from the results. Here’s what happens: If I have MilkRack in the plugins directory Rack will crash - every time - when I open the browser, until I remove the Milk Rack directory. I’d love to get it working correctly in Linux, so please advise if there’s anything I can do do help out.

Can you post the output of uname -a; glxinfo in a new issue at Chances are the crash happens in the GL driver. Thanks for the report!

Done. :slight_smile:

I do that with a LZX Vidiot. It uses an audio input + a few CV inputs to generate, shape and colour abstract patterns (or to process an external video signal). Full analog video hardware…super fun but unfortunately expensive (a friend borrows it to me).