Video format to post?

(Michael Lloyd) #1

Hello fellow racketeers.I finally am getting OBS to cooperate.(all new to me) I am wondering what format is best to upload on the web.Have a YT chnl now… Also.How does one create the audio files I see posted without video.Tanks in adv.So looking foward to posting my creations!


Use one of the Nysthi recorders.

(Skrylar) #4

Can also record over loopback with Audacity, REAPER or similar.

(Michael Lloyd) #5

Sorry, but I am completely starting from ground zero on my new hobby.Never beeen round a studio.Never attempted to create “music” I understand less than 20% of what I read in the forums.It’s a new lanuage to me.just a learning curve I need to get through.I do not want to impose on the Community for nursing a person like myself through this.I had found nothing in my net searches to be able to upload my vcv patches.Knowing nothing I ran a patch with the stereo recorder.Now I guess it needs to be connected to a DAW .If ya can, point me in the right direction.(web site/forum link I may had missed) VCV rack is the first instrument to give me a way to express my musical talents. So, please bear with me. I will learn what I need to know overtime.My passion to produce will not allow me to e detured! hehe. thanks all… Michael

(Skrylar) #6

Some people are using Patch Storage, and you can also upload the .vcv files directly to the forum.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #7

Welcome Michael and don’t be deterred by the great amount that can be learned. We’re all learning in here, believe me :slight_smile:

You don’t need a DAW, all you need to create music is the Rack software. You can record it to .wav files with the NYSTHI recorders, and the file is put in your Documents/Rack/ folder.

I’ve created this for people like you:

(Michael Lloyd) #8

OK got “record” figured out.Started to upload songs and can’t upload .wav files to this forum.Sigh.

EDIT: Ok I figured things out.(New to forums too, and uploading stuff) Files are saved to a storage site.I post the link here. This forum server doesn’t “store” the data here.would need way too much storage space. I just am hesitant registering to site on the WWW.Looks like I must.Would not have created a YT account if there was an alternative.

(Adi Quinn) #9

With a wav file you could try uploading to Soundcloud, then just upload the Soundcloud link here on the forum.

(David Rodriguez) #10

to all porpoises mpg4 - h264 codec, AC3 or mp3 the audio container (192 or more bitrate)