Video adapter issue

Hi all !

I ran into the issue of VCV refusing to launch because the video adapter wasn’t good enough, twice. Once was in a virtual machine (yeah i know), and the other time was on an old laptop.

The thing is, both times, I didn’t need it to work well. I just needed it to launch, in order to download plugins - to then copy them to my actual music computer, which has no network adapter (and I intend to keep it that way).

Is there a way around this? Like, I don’t know, maybe a modern GPU emulator for Windows, or something? Or maybe a way to download the plugins without running Rack?


I’ve solved this using Mesa before - it’s a software implementation of OpenGL. I had a similar requirement - a video card that didn’t support OpenGL, but a need to run Rack regardless of performance.


Thanks !

Is mesa available for windows? I’ve used it on Ubuntu before…

Yes, from here: Mesa3D for Windows.