=== very cool patch challenge, edition 46 ===

cheers mate, laughter n dance make the world a better place! n now im double-threaded who knows what more i can do…

re: splirge faceplate thats only if forking


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Oh no, it’s only a suggestion if someone wants to create a fork of my modules, I don’t want to sign their work! Not that there’s anything worth forking yet (this module was just a learning project to get started in VCV dev). I’ll try to make it very clear in the doc.

Nice to see my first module in the wild :smiley:

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Oups. Sorry for that. I’ll delete this part in my comment!

I use your module a lot, I usually don’t need so many inputs and outputs

I nearly entered with another unchanged Psychedelic December thing but no, I made some small changes for VCP-46. I haven’t really got the best and the mostest out of Mother. I’d like to have done more with it but I only used it as a polyphonic quantiser. I tried getting it to play favourites with notes but I have no idea if that worked.

vcp-46.vcv (104.4 KB)

Great stuff! I love those complex evolving chords :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, it’s maybe a bit late, but @Stubs made a tutorial some days ago. Here it is for those who didn’t see it on the Facebook page. https://youtu.be/DTJxDsLDSLY Thanks again Mr. Stubler for providing such a great quantizer.


Thanks for the feedback Denis. The For Four module came about from things I thought were useful for controlling the randomness somewhat on generative patches. I’d experimented with similar ideas built from clocks and logic and put a selection in the single module to preserve cpu.

The patch kinda wrote itself, I was just experimenting with the single osc and when the sci fi noises started coming out I ran with it… I was happy with how the multiples of 21 worked out for letting the main track change tempo and still sound as though it was in time due to the drums locked at 84.

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Hi, After watching the creator’s tutorial, I made some improvements in my pach: Among others, I sent the pow output for the folding depth of the melody voice. I also send the S&H which modulates the panning of Plaits through a slew limiter to avoid clicks on this voice. I also fined the tuning of probabilities on the scales. Here it is. Little things that make the difference: Mom’s Marmelade.vcv (162.2 KB)

I will post my patch as too late entry as soon as I can concentrate on working on it. Blame the cold. :metal::sunglasses:

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