=== very cool patch challenge, edition 43 ===


yes, modulation sources are within the spirit of the challenge

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My entry for the VCP-43 challenge.

I used Vult Basal in stereo as my single sound source sequenced with Orca’s Heart. The noise comes from modulating plateau’s mod settings. For me the challenge is always to keep things simple but hopefully still engaging for the listener.

Penumbra is the name for the outer edge of a shadow.

Here’s the patch. https://patchstorage.com/penumbra-vcp-43/


A shadowy sound. :grinning:


Hi everybody, This is my contribution. Energy, after all!!

Here’s the patch: SINgularE.vcv (132.5 KB) Have a nice one

My contribution to the Very Cool Patch Challenge 43. Task was to use only one module as a sound generator (hence the title “allans” which is “allein” in High German and means alone) and to alienate this with other modules. I chose MorphOSC2 from Klirrfactory and also used other modules from the same developer. MorphOSC2 is controlled by bitSEQ and the audio signal is processed by different modules, i.a. also from MrQ. All in all, the commercial modules predominate in this patch. :metal::sunglasses:


Une très belle progression d’accord :slightly_smiling_face: bravo down of hares.


Tu as le don pour toujours trouver des batteurs de qualité exceptionnelle. Tres belle rythmique, Denis Tercier :slightly_smiling_face:


Merci Marc. Ça fait plaisir ! I’m looking forward to listen to yours!

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@down_of_hares Amazing ! i really love it has such a cool organ feel and that noise is amazing. @denis.tercier Super ! I love the sequence that is going on :slight_smile: and the stereo space is nicely filled ! Bon boulot ^^ @the1andonlydrno Great ! very cool to get so much stuff from one module :smile:

For my part my patch is ready, and i’ll record and post in the next few days :slight_smile: see ya there !


Well! Impressive, for sure! Nice work!

Very nice. Nice sequence for a good song. Good job!

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Initially inspired by @chaircrusher’s thread on sequencers with more than one clock I came up with this phasing piece. It uses PdArray as a sequencer with 6 BPM lfos in 3 pairs as clocks. Each element in each pair uses one of two clocks set to 120 and 121 bpm. Then I found a bug in PdArray that affected when the notes changed. This bug was fixed (thanks @mgunyho). Then I got paranoid about the arrangement. Eventually I got over all of it (after making the video 3 times) and here we are:


Another 1 OSC, this time without drums :muscle: :grin: :+1: Vult Causal, Leakage & Vessek as osc, Stockaudio PolyTuring, Lindenberg Neo and a poor pentatonic scale thru Audible Clouds.

I’ll post the patch as soon VCVRack doesn’t crash while opening it . :scream: Can’t open it anymore!

EDIT: Was Stocaudio PolyTuring who cause the crash



Sounds beautiful talavadya.

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My entry was inspired by a youtube video of thom yorke performing bloom. in it he had a live piano recorded through a eurorack. so i tried something similar with me playing my keyboard through vcvrack. the original instrument is a sampled rhodes piano.



Here is my first entry into one of these challenges :slight_smile:

All sounds come from one Tiny Tricks Triangle Oscillator

https://patchstorage.com/triangle/ (Sorry I don’t think some of these modules are free)


really nice!

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OMG, this really is a nice challange … breaks my old brains a bit :smile:

Question: does one LindenbergResearch Woldemar VCO where I can take each Waveform separatelly + Noise + Mix count as ONE Soundsorce?