=== very cool patch challenge, edition 43 ===

you are challenged to make a patch in vcv rack to showcase creative use of modules, so other users may get inspired. you can also win eternal fame!

since the deadline for this edition will be 11/11, which is singles’ day in asia, the theme this time is: single source

this time only one oscillator or other sound source (sampler, noise module, self-resonating filter, etc.) is allowed. you can send this one sound to multiple channels for parallel processing, but do not add other sound sources.

== rules ==

  • make a patch in vcv rack using the chosen module and upload your patch to https://patchstorage.com/ and/or in your reply to this thread
  • tag your upload with vcp-43
  • you are encouraged to only use free modules in the patch, but this is not required
  • make a video showcasing your patch and upload it to youtube
  • add a link to your video as a comment to this post (these videos will be collected in a playlist)
  • give feedback on other participants’ patches

deadline: monday end of the day, wherever you are, november 11th (though late entries will still be added to the playlist)

a new challenge with a different module will be announced every other tuesday.


this one seems tailor made for me because I struggle with moving on from a single source usually I just spiral into an effects envelopes and processing maze that layers on top of itself and I’m excited I might actually participate in one of these for once


Great… Make it harder avoiding polyphony :wink::wink:

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i was just going to ask whether we could use polyphony.

nah nah nah …

I think you make it a superchallenge by yourself

  • avoiding polyphony
  • avoiding any oscillator too
  • and maybe avoiding a sequencer
  • :wink:
  • :wink:

but don’t make it for everyone, please :wink:

new challenges:

  • Avoid vcvrack
  • Avoid computers completely
  • Avoid breathing

isn’t this a bit oversized ? :wink: :wink:

What about a challenge where we have to crate a track in the time we can hold our breath?


Lol. I probably could do something like that.

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if you use a polyphonic oscillator, i guess you can. see how it tickles your creativity!

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Is drum an oscillator?

NO! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :eyes:

Only Starling Meta, sequenced by a new module, Seasons (I love it :hugs:), and some drums by Gateseq and a manual gate for mute them if the police is coming: https://patchstorage.com/vcp-43-one-osc/


it’s a sound source, yes


Sounds like a great challenge Ben. How strictly should single oscillator/source be taken? Eg. EV3 is one module with three oscillators…

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i like leaving those things up to individual discretion. the challenge is meant to stimulate creativity. i don’t feel like nitpicking details is going to help with that.


I can see Luca Crisi rubbing his hands here… :wink:

Wait what?? HOORAAY!!! Let’s party!

Oh, wait… :sleepy::cry::sob:

I guessing an LFO is okay if not used as a sound source? If so, what about using a vco to do FM synthesis? The Fundamental VCO-1 modules are great for that.

without the drums it would qualify :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

that’s why I put a manual gate on the drum, like that:

mute the drum: qualified :smirk:

unmute: disqualified :nerd_face: