=== very cool patch challenge, edition 42 ===

This patch features two oscillators pitching and triggering each other while a third provides support. The call and response is less obvious than I’d hopped but using Nysthi p2v does allow for some interesting pitch changes.


Also, I arranged the modules to spell “42”. I did the same thing during Psychedelic December on day 11 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R8VGTT5nio) so I did it again here. Finally, my last surreal touch was to draw a fish for my backdrop. Ideally it would move but I can’t imagine anyone appreciating the effort involved so it is static.


@dag2099 Génial :gem::+1:

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molto molto bello! @dag2099

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My contribution to Very Cool Patch Challenge 42. The topic this time was question and answer and of course the universal answer 42. The question and answer game is carried out by 2 absolutely identical module strings, staggered by t1 / 16 from 42 BPM equals 588 Ms. Me have used exactly 42 modules and most settings are also based on 42, 4 or 2. The basic tempo is 42 BPM in a 4/2 cycle. Multiply and divide by 4, 2 and 42. Have fun looking for the number. :metal::sunglasses:



Very nice, Norbert. BTW, I found the number. :grinning:

Ma little contribution… hi, hi , hi :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome idea Marc!

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Very funny idea indeed :slight_smile:

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Very clever Marc :slight_smile:

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i know, i know, it’s past the deadline. but i was working on this patch last week, exploring some of our new toys, and just didn’t come around to finishing it. so i recorded it as is, and i think it has interesting sounds.


playlist here:


I know I’m too late for the party, but I was too busy the last days to finish my entry in time.

but none the less I wanted to upload it :wink:

I tried to get a question and answer feeling to it and added the 42 in at least one parameter on almost any module :wink:

and here is the patch: 2019_10_15_VCP-42_rsmus7_42-24_002.vcv (92.4 KB)


Marc, nice idea , well done :+1:

Norbert, what a great way to work with the 42 !!!

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musique 42 , very interesting sounds and movements

Mateusz, this is impressive how the 42 can sound!

Timmy, this is maybe a bit too repetitive, but still very well done and good sounding

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Ananda, you’re a wizard using VCV, very interesting patch here.

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Chribbe, this is slow food, but I miss your uploaded patch :wink:

talavadya, doesn’t sound unclocked :+1:
pretty relaxed and great atmosphere.

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