=== very cool patch challenge, edition 41 ===

you are challenged to make a patch in vcv rack to showcase a particular module in a creative way, so other users may get inspired. you can also win eternal fame!

this time we have a special without a particular module. this challenge has been requested from early on, and i think it’s time to do this now!

special challenge: build a “dry” patch without using any reverb and delay. if modules have a reverb option (e.g. clouds), turn it all the way down.

== rules ==
• make a patch in vcv rack using the chosen module and upload your patch to https://patchstorage.com/ and/or in your reply to this thread
• tag your upload with vcp-41
• you are encouraged to only use free modules in the patch, but this is not required
• make a video showcasing your patch and upload it to youtube
• add a link to your video as a comment to this post (these videos will be collected in a playlist)
• give feedback on other participants’ patches

deadline: monday end of the day, wherever you are, october 14th
(though late entries will still be added to the playlist)

a new challenge with a different module will be announced every other tuesday.


Just a little question about this one :
can we “emulate” echo using the old NES chiptune technique ? (repeating a note with lower velocity each time)
Actually this is just out of curiosity, i already have ideas for this that don’t involve this technique :wink:

i guess technically you could

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I think we could also emulate reverb with the right adsr settings :wink:

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Sounds like a great challenge Ben! Let me try and get you to be more specific: Do you literally mean only no reverb or delay, or do you really mean - no effects? Because I kind of suspect the latter, but I hope you’ll clarify. Thanks.

i mean no reverb, no delay, since they are normally used to give a sense of space. hopefully this limitation tickles your creativity!

other effects are okay. let’s see how different we can make it.


Sorry for dumb questions I am noob to this challenge, but this is … any module we want … not a specific one we all try this time? Just without delay/reverb?

Yees, sorry I see it myself RTF-firstpost :smiley: :smiley:

VCP-41 Atomic Countdown

Hello Rackerz
Today I present my entry to new VCP challenge vol 41. This time we have a special challenge: build a “dry” patch without using any reverb and delay. So I prepared this one patch for something else but I delete any Plateau and Chronoblob 2 modules (both my favorites FX modules) from previous one. This operation change everything about composition of this patch and change my thinking about whole this song. I have some little technical issues in this video - but I left them because sometimes they give a little roughness to the song. I am starting to slowly appreciate such slight dirtiness in my pieces. New modules : I use two Atoms module from unless games. I trying use only free modules in this patch except one - Knock from Vult - but it can be change with free Trummor 2 module.

my file on Patchstorage

VCP-41 Atomic Countdown.vcv (82.6 KB)

modificated version with free modules
VCP-41 Atomic Countdown mod for free modules.vcv (83.3 KB)


not a fan of the beat, but the arpeggio is the kind of sound that i was thinking this challenge would result in. it has a nice 8-bit / early video game vibe!

really got into it from the 2:00 mark. well done!

Argh, I’m gonna come across as a stickler but what about reverbs close cousins flangers, phasors, and comb filters. I’d use them with no qualms to sweet my patch but at the same time I’d consider them (soft) cheating, cause they do wet your track quite a bit u know. (:

Rainy morning in France, was ready to make a dry patch



see my comment above in answer to lars

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it would probably be different if this were a competition rather than a challenge, we’d need to be a bit more precise about the rules. My feeling is that we can take it as a challenge to see how nice a patch we make with a dry sound or challenge ourselves to find other ways of making it sound (Stockhausen voice) “nice”.


It’s just a challenge getting most of us out of our confort zone… So… Why not trying to patch something radically different of what we are used to?


Nice groove!

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You’ll rarely find someone who abuses delay and reverb more than me, but honestly, given the richness of the sounds you can make with modular, I didn’t find it hugely limiting not to have those effects available, so I used this challenge as an opportunity to also try out a few modules I didn’t get to experiment with yet.

My first time going with a fully generative melody, I’m not hugely satisfied with the results but it was a fun patch to make. Didn’t really rehearse and just jammed at random barely remembering which ribbon controller did what in this vid:

And here’s the patch: https://patchstorage.com/vcp-41-my-computer-parsed-the-wikipedia-page-about-music-and-extruded-some/

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I’d really like to take part in these challenges,but i can’t get OBS to record my audio output from VCV. I’m using a MotU 2408 for audio output and CV.
I installed the Asio plugin for OBS and tried to add another Audio 8 module with ReaRoute as audio output going to OBS. But after adding the second Audio 8 I don’t get any output at all and VCV freezes and the crashes after a while. I think I’m doing something wrong here, but can’t figure out what.
Help would be appreciated.

Maybe use recorder from vcv ?

If you don’t already have it :


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