=== very cool patch challenge edition 34 ===

Very efficient use of the Jooper. Nice piece.

This is just… Mysteriously awesome!

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I borrowed from Omri Cohen’s recent tutorial on Jooper and Jannecker. It worked well for me.
Timing the vocal samples was the most difficult part for me.

Like many others :wink:. Really good module for more compositional pieces.

Didn’t find much use for the vocoder, but I found other things to play with. Everything is driven by the Ruckus seq - a very cool module in itself.

vcp34-unspeak.vcv (63.2 KB)

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Is your visualizer quantum Vj from the sunvox maker ? Btw nice piece, i really like that kick drum pattern

I decided to do a second patch for this challenge. It experiments with different textures. The surgevoc is a big part of one voice and I did use a few other surge modules.
It’s kind of strange, I hope attractive.

I pretty much bounced off this challenge. I don’t want to be a “Negative Nancy” about it all so I’ll just say that the (much missed) Bidoo vocoder did what I wanted (ie. to make the vocals from Nysthi SAM sound like a singing robot) and the Surge vocoder does not. That’s fine and I see that other people have got some great stuff out of it. Anyway, here’s the vid:

and the patch:

Sorry to bring everybody down but my patch (not the module) is garbage.

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I’m still doing some archaeology on some other commented our sections of the vocoder dsp from when it was all open sourced so am very interested in limitations and comparisons - if you happen to want to drop a patch which isn’t “singy” enough somewhere (GitHub, here, or here in a pm) that could be handy. And sorry you couldn’t get your robo choir. I had to play with it a bit to get my choral Brian Eno when I was testing it too… touch finicky

Lots of wood to chop on surge still also so any other feedback people have on the modules is welcome!

I mean, I’m not sure that it wasn’t just pilot error.

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Yeah, it’s quantum vj - it’s got a limited palette but I like the glitchy vibe

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Alright, I wasn’t sure at first if I liked this vocoder, but it seemed to play nice for me after taking a sample of a female talking, slow it down & granularly mangle it before loading into cf Play, and use it through some VCO-2 chords played by 3 Entropias.

…full patch notes in youtube description. Also pointless sharing this patch with paid & free vst effects
used through Host, but here she is: Vocode (VCP-34).vcv (142.9 KB)

This time, I am much too late with my contribution to VCP 34, but since this isn’t a competition any more, I hope you are all right, that I release it anyway. Off course I used not only VOC from Surge for Rack, what we should, but every currently available module from this developer. But it was also with V1 and I included an Dieter’s Quantum trick and worked with scenes, at least kind of. I also used VOC not for a voice, it generates the main rhythmic melody. :metal::sunglasses:

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there’s always room for more!

from the first post:

(though late entries will still be added to the playlist)

and in fact, i’m late to make the playlist

i meant to use this module in my livestream last weekend, but my attention was all on the repelzen modules, and i forgot about the challenge…

and then last night, when i meant to make the playlist, i got distracted by some podcasts… my apologies!

anyway, here is the playlist:

It’s great. It sounds like a rave of clockwork soldiers. Almost Aphex Twin in its sonic construction. I like it.


Far from being “garbage”. So short I played it several times. Really intesting that you used on of the VOC sources as Trummor.

@cyball Experiment 11
Crazed, even mildly psychotic. Strange how out brains conceive and receive.
Lift off: Nice use of scenes

Very nice kick patterns. Quite manic
I have to admit I would rather have seen visuals of the patch and performance.

Very filmic. Really like this. Short, succinct. I had to play it several times. No VOC but then it doesn’t need it. I had been wondering how the Fixed voltage Source works and so I have definitely learned something

Musically not my cup of tea, I am afraid. These things are very personal and subjective. It is hard when personal taste gets in the way to be objective. Nice use of the vocoder though

I like this. I used SAM too. I think the only rule on a module’s use is that there should be no rules. It is how we decide to use the module in question. Really nice the way that VOC voice is being constantly modulated.

It is a bit of shame, as a relative new guy, that some people are using either modules I don’t have or are using VSTs in Host because part of the joy of these competitions is to be able to open patches and see how other composer’s brains work and learn about combinations of modules that I hadn’t thought of.

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Thanks! That’s going to really help my analytics. :grinning:

Well I still haven’t learned to be short and succinct. My self analytics are usually “too long”.

I suppose I am just crap at critical analysis!

So cool! After seeing this, I know that I must use the S.A.M. module soon.

Great tension! Very cinematic. I will study this to learn how you made the Tact modules go on and off.

Nice atmosphere. Reminds me of a walk in a wooded park with a friend.

I like this arrangement of the narration and the background organ-like music.

Like the percussion and the slow build up.

Even though you are not happy with this patch, you showed several good techniques.

This is a mellow, relaxing patch to me. It sounds like fanciful waterflow. I like how you “play” the Nysthi mixer.

Very inventive. It somehow reminds me of the the old Spike Jones band performances. (That makes me pretty old.)