Versions numbers for betas in 1.0


I’m getting surge-rack ready to put into the library as a beta - even though I have a lot to do it is good enough for people to use I think, and I would like it to be available to 1.0 users through the plugin manager. Since there’s still incomplete work, though, I would like to tag it as a beta.

Reading the document, it’s clear that the first number of my version should be “1”. That’s fine. Do you use any semantics for the other values? I note the sdk is shipping with “” for instance.

Ideally I would like to call this version “1.beta.1” (or perhaps “1.0.beta-1”) and then if needs be I could have a 1.beta.2 as I move towards 1.0.0. Any objections? Any practices you recommend? etc

And as always, sorry if this is covered elsewhere in the doc or forum. I did a search and nothing definitive, other than the above, came up.


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1.beta1.0 probably makes the most sense


This is a really helpful topic; I am in a similar situation with our modules and I would guess that I’m not the only one.

@Vortico it might be good to make mention of this in the migration guide or versioning doc, but I could understand if you want to encourage devs to make a full port before adding to the plugin library.

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If the Rack ABI is still not fixed I would not call it beta

My nightlies will still be alpha but presumably the plugin manager community builds will build once the abi is stable no?

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Since the API is stable, it’s okay to version your plugins anything you want, since the version corresponds to the source. Once the ABI is stable, you can release binaries.