Version 2.1 strange behavior when modules were moved or duplicated!

Just an option for legacy behaviour would be nice.


+1 as well, I like the new behaviour, but missing CMD drag


+1 - I like the new behavior mostly, but getting rid of Ctrl-Drag/CMD-Drag is annoying because it is something I used all the time. I still find myself Ctrl-Dragging the last module in a row to move the others and it feels really broken when it doesn’t work.

The new behaviour is great as far as it goes, making it MUCH easier to add a new module in the middle of a row. And it now makes it possible to re-order a row of modules without a lot of dragging and moving.

But there’s no reason Ctrl-Drag needed to go away. Ctrl-Dragging a module is orthogonal to the other, in that from the users point of view, they SHOULD co-exist. Maybe they changed something under the hood that made Ctrl-Drag no longer a viable option.

PS Ctrl-Drag worked but never that well. If you dragged too fast, it would rearrange modules around the dragged one. And if you drag a row of modules too far, you can’t just drag back the end module, you have to go to the OTHER END of the row and drag that one. And the more you zoom out the (subjectively) worse it works.

PPS The workaround to do what Ctrl-Drag used to do is to select the modules you want to move. Select modules (either by Shift-clilcking each module, or by dragging a selection box over them until they turn red), and then move the selection.


The main advantage with CMD drag is that you do not need to display and select, means even the modules that were outsid of the screen could be moved with out any selection!