Version 2.1 strange behavior when modules were moved or duplicated!

CMD drag does not work anymore? The modules jump around if you try. Moving the most left module of a row lets all modules jump to the left? Copy a module it jumps aside the module and moves all modules right?

Any one else could confirm this behavior???

Have to go back to 2.06!!!

Mac OSX 10.13.6


This won’t help the issue, of course, just saying: The official download page lists version 2.06 as the actual one.

2.1.0 plays most of my patches heavily distorted.

This is on a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio 21.10

Would love to see VCV test plans, as they appear to be lacking.

Have also reverted to 2.0.6

Official version is still 2.0.6 - downloading the early build IS the VCV test plan. It is not the official release of 2.1.0 from the inbuild update notification, which may not be this version when it turns out to be buggy. Please report your findings to support. That way you may be able to get this issues fixed before the next official release.


Done as soon as I deleted 2.1.0, awaiting response.

Shared here in case other linux users encountered similar.

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I reported the module jumping as a bug.

27 Feb 2022

VCV Rack Free 2.1.0 2022-02-27 00-30-43.mp4 - Google Drive

Dragging a module away from another module, moves the latter.
This is a new bug.

I got this response:

27 Feb 2022

Thanks for letting us know. This is correct behavior. Moving a module from the left of a row of modules moves the other modules in that row to its old position. This is particular useful when you have dozens of modules in a row.

Andrew Belt VCV

This could become the new standard :


Why it is not possible to keep the old version as an option? This so called new standard is completely nonsense for me! Have no idea how to control all this jumping and moving of the modules within bigger patches!


Yeah I also find the moving around of modules a lot more erratic now. Things jumping around to un-predictable locations etc.

Also I was using the ctrl+move to push an entire row to the side quite a lot, now you need to select the entire row first before moving it. Not the worst thing but it’s not as smooth.

I get that this simplifies the code quite a bit, but the behaviour is really odd and I think it’s a step back in the UX (not sure what other problems this solves, but I think now it’s more problematic).


I found this new behavior mostly disturbing too. I thought it was a bug.


I built 2.1.0 yesterday…

I think what @nedbaar was saying is that while 2.1.0 is available, it’s not the official download. And that’s why you see an update message in 2.1.0


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first I was confused, but after a little testing I find the new behavior
very comfortable for moving and adding modules,
it just needs some practice imho


I actually do like the new behaviour,
ie: drag module over others to insert,
and moving away from the row left side makes the row snap to the old position of that moved module.

What i don’t like is that cmd + drag for moving an entire row has been disabled.

ps, this release is a preview release as stated in the blog post, which is sort of a test release i suppose.

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In a nutshell .

Love the addition don’t like the removal.




I’ve adressed it with my feedback here, but maybe if other people write to support as well it will carry some more weight:


While I see the advantage of the addition (quickly insert a module in between others), the behavior is quite erratic. I see modules jump around to unexpected locations and it really depends on the order of modules how everything moves around.

Overall this new feature does not feel very robust and it makes the experience just “feel” buggy. It would’ve been nicer to have this under a different shortcut (ctrl+shift+drag? I dunno).

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