Venom Modules - Beta 4 release for a new plugin

Can you put your compiled VCV Rack plugins on the library for us? I prefer library plugins because I don’t want to learn to compile source codes.

Of course - the plan has always been to release the plugin to the library. But I am in a beta phase now, not yet ready to release.

But you don’t need to compile to take part in beta testing - binaries are available at the GitHub link in the first post of this topic. Follow the links and download the appropriate binary and place the zip file in you <Rack user folder>/Plugins directory.

Or wait until the official release to the library.

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Oh I see I thought it was released by now. Good to hear that the library will have it. is it the general system to release all release version plugins to the library because I thought some were only in source?

Ahh, another more likely possibility is the old compiler sees the variable assignment, but doesn’t detect it is conditional execution, so runs the risk of failing to detect potential use of uninitialized variable. Not an issue with my code, but I can see why the compiler developers might tighten things up.

yeah, I think you are right. I can tell you that as a human it is difficult to see that it’s always initialized in the cases you care about. But I agree it looks correct, but of course a sensible person would just initialize the variable where it’s declared and make the warning go away :wink:

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