Venom beta release - Bernoulli Switch Expander feedback wanted

I’m about ready to submit a new Venom modules version containing an expander for Bernoulli Switch. It adds CV inputs and attenuverters for all of the Bernoulli Switch parameters. With the expander it can function as an interesting dynamic wave shaper / amplitude modulator / mixer with a stereo image.

The audio signal can be used to trigger the switch so that it swaps between two different modulation sets at audio rates - one for the left channel, and one for the right. Modulating the rise and fall thresholds (Schmitt Trigger) can yield some interesting pulse width type effect.

Bernoulli Switch is fully polyphonic with the option for band limited oversampling. But the expander ports are all monophonic and are not oversampled. I originally planned on supporting polyphony and oversampling, but the coding started to get too complicated, and I was worried about performance of the base module. If people scream loud enough, I might take another stab at it, but I don’t anticipate that happening.

All the expander inputs are additive with their associated Bernoulli Switch parameters, with one exception. The mode input supersedes the mode parameter when patched. <= -1V is Toggle mode, >= 1V is Gate mode, and anything in between is Swap mode. I didn’t think an attenuverter for the Mode CV would be of much use, so I added an attenuator for the Bernoulli Switch Probability CV instead.

I’m happy with the results, except maybe a little disappointed that I don’t sense much difference in the scale CV vs offset CV. But having multiple inputs is useful either way. I’m toying with the idea of having the scale CV attenuate rather than sum with the scale parameter. Curious what people think.

I’m open to feedback and suggestions. There is still time to make changes.

Zipped binaries are available here - I think you need a GitHub account to access them. Let me know if you have an account but still can’t download them.


Below is a demo patch and video. It starts out with a full compliment of polyphony and modulation, and then I deconstruct it step by step, before building it back up again.
BernoulliSwitchExpander Demo.vcv (3.2 KB)


Unless I get some feedback indicating work is needed within the next few hours, I will submit the expander to the library on Sunday morning (U.S. east coast), 2023-07-23


Venom v2.3.2 has been submitted for release to the library with the new expander! Hopefully it will be released soon.