VCVRack/PatchMaster + GPT4 Question/Idea

Hi there,

I have this kind of ideal idea in mind:

“Hey ChatGPT, write me a PatchMaster setup to clone the BOSS Loop Station”

… and it spits out some files that you stick in your .Rack2 and load it up in Rack…

I haven’t easily found any documentation of the file format that PatchMaster uses, I guess this would be the first step?

Wondering if anyone’s done anything like this already or if there’s something wrong with the idea


also could be interesting to try fine-tuning GPT on all relevant codebases + all of the patches on patchstorage and anything else one could think of…

If we consider how the MAME emulator has evoluted,in a far future,could be possible

In any case, the patch files are serialized JSON that is pretty self explanatory. well, they may be JSON inside a zip file - I’m not sure.