VCVRack 2 Pro License Transfer?

Hi there, Does anybody if the licenses are transferrable?

I would like to see how it performs on my setup before buying it… And since there’s no trial available at the moment if the license isn’t transferrable I guess I’ll wait a little bit.


Best thing is to ask other users how it works on your system. What is your OS, DAW? You can download the standalone to see if it works for you, then decide to buy the full version

This was the answer in april 2021, I don’t think it has changed.

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I’m mostly interested in the performance of the VST and that’s a completely different animal than trying the standalone version. I’m running one of the new macbook pros with an M1 Max and macOS Monterey, and I generally run my soft synths at 44100Khz/64samples.

Or ask VCV - Support in advance to refund if the software doesn’t live up to your expectations after a trial period.

I doubt they will tho - they have no method of revoking a license.

If it’s helpful in making your decision, in theory the VST version has basically equivalent performance since the VST is really just a complex but efficient wrapper passing data back and forth to a special instance of the main Rack program. There may be differences in how core allocation works, I’m not sure, but if you wanted to be cautious you could test a patch in standalone with one core, and if that runs well it would probably run well in the VST too.

This equivalence seems to be pretty much true on my system [Win10], though I haven’t tested it exhaustively.

EDIT: from what I’ve read of the M1s, and since you use a reasonable sample rate, I would expect pretty good results, though every system is different.


You will be fine, I have an M1 mac mini Monterey and VCV runs like a champ in rosetta 2

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