VCV2 VST+ABLETON / hardware calibration_tuning feedback-metho request ?


I’m experimenting the new VCV RACK VST in ABLETON.

i want and need but I don’t realy manage tuning/calibrate my external oscilators (Endorphines)

Someone can help or share me by explaining his method and tricks … !

I will realy apreciate.

I’m using an expert sleepers EX-3 for CV output and my soundcard to receive the audio. I’m on windows 10.

Expert Sleepers has two sets of modules for VCV Rack. The Encoders set includes Calibrator to make sure the voltage range in Rack is the same as that used by hardware. The Silent Way set includes Voice Controller for tuning VCOs.

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Hey !

you make me discover that Paul, thank you i’ll try has soon as possible. If i don’t come back in the thread is because it works !