VCV2 not clocking from external devices

No clock generators are working from my external inputs; either thru MIDI or Audio “From Device”. My ideal/desired setup is my Volca Mix clocking all of my Volcas, the last Volca in the chain clocks my Keystep Pro, and finally, KSP clocking VCV Rack.

When this didn’t work I went back to what I knew worked in VCV 1.0; KSP Clock In = Internal, Clock Out to computer Audio Input, and VCV Audio 8 “From Device” to Clocked BPM. This did not work. Clocked stays at 120BPM and glitches what looks like 320. MIDI>CV does not work either.

Thanks in advance!

If you are running MIDI clock into Clocked, I think you need to set Clocked to 24 ppqn.

To clock it from an external pulse signal, the pulses need to be supplied at 2 ppqn at the very least and Clocked needs to be set appropriately. Be sure make sure the audio input you are using is not blocking DC.

Bingo! Thanks so much!!

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