VCV Workshop - Sound Design for Animation

Hi VCV enthusiasts!

I am a sound designer for animation studios, most recently joined Machina Infinitum. I use VCV in nearly every production of mine. On Feb 27th, 2021 - I will be hosting a virtual workshop with the collective 1DWOH describing my process of creating sound design for animation. I will provide registered participants with two short animations by animator Joey Carlino. Throughout the workshop, I will provide some insight in this workflow and then some tips including creating momentum, utilizing white noise, creating a soundscape, and emulating physical properties.

This isn’t some “industry standard” approach or academic approach. I’ve had success using VCV and would like to share my insight into sound design.

You can find the link HERE - The event will be streamed on socials but if you would like to join our zoom group to ask questions and participate with the materials then follow the link provided on the event page. This workshop is for intermediate users though beginners are welcome. Everyone is welcome. Please consider donating if you join. And share this event with your respective networks.

Hope to see some of you there, Cheers!


This is great, I m animator, but I have no chance to work as sound designer in an animation yet, I ll love learn from your process

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Brilliant! I am a novice animator so I will def draw on some parallels in creation workflow. Hope to see you there!

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I am an animator who wants to up my sound design techniques. I am a beginner with vcv but have some sound design experience. This sounds fun! Thank you!