VCV VST and Bitwig

I have not installed any third party drivers. My video card is AMD, I use the AMD driver for it. One possible difference is that I am using pipewire, which is not the default in 22.04 but is in 22.10 and going forward. That is the only deviation that I know of from the standard setup out of the box.

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I have not upgraded VCV Rack Pro because it was pretty buggy around release and continues to be so. 2.0.6 works and does everything I need it to and I will probably stick with it until I have a good reason not to. Especially given the info in this thread, I’m not all that inclined to upgrade to 2.1.2.

I don’t think this issue is dependent on Rack version nor pipewire. I’ve tried every release when trying to find a solution but none of them work now.

for C calls, you dont need to put them in custom namespaces. “namespacing” in C is easily achieved by just renaming all functions to have some kind of prefix. if it is unique enough (say “vcvrack_zstd_*”) then it is pretty much guaranteed to be safe to use.