VCV Sound State + delay compensation

I have spent a week deeply enamored with VCV SoundStage. The possibilities are endless! I can think of dozens of ways it can be used creatively.

But … I made a patch where I fed 4 percussion sounds into its inputs. It sounds great on it’s own, but when I added other drums that go direct into the mixer, the Sound Stage sounds fall out of time.

I believe this is because there’s a noticeable delay between input and output. Part of the is the modelling of sounds at a distance from the ‘listening’ locations, and part of it I think is processing latency.

But I’m not here to complain, but to look for solutions. One that came to mind is to mix all ‘direct’ sources through one mixer put it through a delay, and then mix with the Soundstage. Then I can adjust the delay until they sound in time.

What say you?

seems sensible. Might be nice it sound stage had a CV output that could go directly into fundamental delay and set if for the right delay comp value?

VCV Sound Stage has a processing latency of 16 samples (0.36 ms @ 44.1 kHz). Additionally, it takes t = distance between source and destination / speed of sound for sound to travel between a source and destination. If you have N sources and M destinations, there are N*M source/destination pairs with different time delays, not just one.

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Makes sense @Vortico. So are you saying when I randomly modulate the location of a sound source, zooming around several meters, I’m introducing some unavoidable rhythmic chaos? :grinning: :grinning:

Maybe I’ll just try and tune my soundstage patches so they produce a stylish swing!