VCV Sound Stage released

VCV Sound Stage simulates a 3D room with virtual microphones and sound sources, giving you control over room size and wall material. Includes presets for various room types: Recording studio, club, bedroom, bathroom, basketball stadium, and more. Developed in collaboration with Valley Audio. Available now for $30.


Whoa, very cool! Guess I can finally stop hunting for a deal on a Roland RSS-10.

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Looks awesome Andrew. Great work from you, Dale and Wes!


It looks very nice ! I like the demo sounds :smiley: Next on my buy list then hehe

Just bought it. Amazing. I tried a quiet ambient track with some slowly panning instruments and it sounds blissful. Very natural sounding spatialization! Interface is top notch as usual.


Awesome! I’ll start the feature request circus. :wink:

The first patch idea in the docs says:

Position two destination nodes roughly 17 cm apart to represent the ears of the listener, and then route them to a stereo output.

It’s not stated in the docs, I’ll guess the microphones are omnidirectional. To successfully simulate a human listener (without going into HRTF and such) we need either two directional microphones (cardioid or similar) or something acoustically similar to a human head to be placed between the two microphones. Any chance of either of that? Thanks.

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what a great reverb, I hesitated first but Omri’s video convinced me, especially the placement of sources and destinations with click and drag is fantastic, thanks Andrew for another great creative tool

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sounds great! …

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VCV Sound Stage 1.1.0 has been released, including 20 fungal presets from @Omri_Cohen.