VCV Sound Stage - Descriptive parameter names?

I did the copy preset/paste in Notepad thing with Soundstage, only to find out none of the parameters have names, so it’s difficult to figure out which is which. Is there a map somewhere?

My use case is setting up spacing between the A&B listeners so that they approximate the space between one’s ears.

Doesn’t help in this specific case, but for open source modules, you can check the ParamIds enum for the mappings, usually the naming is descriptive. Keep in mind the numbering starts from 0 not 1.

Here is the Fundamental ADSR as an example

It’s going to be the same for all modules in the Rack universe. By referring to them using the ID or parameter array position, it leaves the developer free to rename things in the code as they see fit and also means all the json conversion code needs to do is recurse the array of parameters in order rather than searching the array for the parameter name which improves performance.

Did you know you can right click on a parameter knob within rack and highlight the value in the text box, copy it, right click on another parameter knob and and paste the value into the text box?

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I know about right click copy paste, and the stoermelder module that lets you do it via hotkeys.

I wanted to precisely place the listener nodes in Sound Stage to simulate binaural head position,as is suggested in the manual.

I spent a little time tweaking the module to find the parameters in the json & got frustrated & gave up.

In the case of Sound Stage, its even wonkier. Since the source & listener positions are set by dragging the circle there’s no control to right click.

Even better,Sound stage source & listener positions are in a range of zero to one. The actual position is a function of the room height & width.

Ah, I see how that could be problematic then.