VCV Scalar

Any reason why this module doesn’t support the VCV polyphonic method? It seems a shame as it makes microtonal poly patches more fiddly to build… I’m hoping I’ve missed something and it does!

the scalar was born when the vcv rack was monophonic (thats the reason for the 4 i/o )

you can separate a polyphonic 4 voice signal with the vcv Split and route it in the 4 inputs, the four outputs can be merged with the vcv Merge

hope this help

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yea that’s what I’m doing but thanks for confirming! would be nice to make it poly :wink:

Just send an email to Andrew, it sounds like a useful feature, so if he agrees with you he might add it in an update.

And make it sort of like how VCV Chords does polyphony on channel 4.


It’s kind of funny, but I just released my MergeSplit4 module a couple of weeks ago to try and solve almost the exact opposite problem.

My quantizers (including microtonal ones) just have a single polyphonic input and output, and I wanted to make it easier to connect up to four monophonic signals, without taking up too much space (2hp).

I guess the takeaway from all this is that people should become familiar with the utility modules.


I’ve put a request to Andrew and he’s looking into it as a future upgrade.

I think both split and poly versions are useful, in my case i was trying to simplify a patch from 4 separate VCO>VCF>VCA voices into poly VCO> split VCF> poly VCA. The reason is to simplify the changing of sound parameters as doing the same parameter 4 times is annoying (eg 4x VCA attack 4x VCO tuning)… There are several ways to approach this but it really depends on the idiosyncracies of the patch you are working on and generally I like that poly can streamline this to individual modules when working on a screen as opposed to a hardware world.