VCV Scalar Quantizer: How to get Just Intonation?

There is a parameter marked “Tuning:Equal” in the interface, but it’s (seemingly irrevocably) greyed out. I’ve tried clicking, control clicking, command clicking, shift clicking, but I can’t affect it at all.

I know I could load a tuning file to accomplish the same, but I’d like the one click toggle convenience. Thanks for your help.

My module “Substitute” has a just intonation quantizer in it. I don’t think is has a CV output though, it’s just for the VCOs.

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Tuning becomes unequal after adjusting cents. Slime Child Audio has a just intonation quant

I’m not sure about VCV Scalar. But I like using Submarine WK101 or WK205 for Just Intonation.

I really like to use Probably NOTe for just intonation - It sets the JI relative to the root note of the key, which I think is a critical feature. It has loads of other features that make it fun and interesting to use, with or without JI. It also has some interesting expanders.

The only other quantizer that I have found that conveniently adjusts the JI relative to the key root is the Slime Child SubStation Quantizer that @outofnowhere already identified. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Probably NOTe, but it does have a really simple/easy to use interface. Unlike Probably NOTe, it is not free. But the SubStation plugin is well worth the low price.

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tangentially, are there any vcv quantizers that allow for comma drift rather than a fixed scale?