VCV Scalar: Bugs/feature requests

I hope this is the right place to post this, sorry if not.

I think I stumbled upon a bug in Scalar: It won’t allow notes above the base note of the 6th octave, everything higher gets quantized to that note. (I’m on Windows 7 with the rcomian build of Rack 0.6.2)

Also I think the contrast of the parameter values of all parameters should be the same as of the first four. The contrast of the four values in the lower row is so bad I can’t read it without zooming in. Maybe this is also a bug, since I would expect them to become high contrast when the value isn’t set to the default, as the upper row does.

On a further note it would also be nice if Scalar would allow for negative voltages to be quantized, but I understand that there might be some issues with that.