VCV Recorder recorded some sounds and then stopped

Hi all,

I used VCV Recorder to capture short recordings yesterday. I would record about 5-8 seconds worth of a patch.

A problem I had is that the first 13 audio recordings came out fine, but all recordings after that came out corrupted somehow - my mac wouldn’t play them as an audio files, and they are all 78 bytes exactly.

Was just wondering if anybody else had this issue.

Hello, I had the same problem recording video of one of patches on Windows 10 Laptop. It recorded some snippets and all the rest were corrupted. I t even crashed VCV Rack, so not tried it since. No one else seems to have this problem, that I have heard! Maybe they are keeping it quiet!? See if anyone comes up with any reason for this.

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I just use nysthi’s complex simpler to record. I feel like I can trust it more… No real reason I can back up, however, worth a try if the VCV one is giving you trouble. :man_shrugging:

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better the master recorder! :smiley: (the complex simpler works in memory, the master recorder has a dedicated helper thread saving to files)


True, I always use multitrack Recorder, so I can manipulate/adjust sounds in Audacity. I tend to find I need to reduce noise, probably the levels I record at though.