vcv recorder on an arm system

I have an Arm64 Mac and I want to make a few videos of patches to demonstrate the new modules I and Andrew made. I am using VCV recorder.

But I cannot record a video without the computer completely overloading, it clicks, pops and sputters and the resulting video has stripes in it.

I am using Core audio. Tried all the buffer settings, samplerates, etc.

Who can advise me on a way to fix this problem?

Do you have loopback or something similar creating a virtual audio device?

I use this to capture a screenrecording with Quicktime. Have your VCV audio routed to it. Then in quicktime set the microphone to loopback, before you record. It will record the VCV sound now (and only this, when nothing else is routed to loopback) and will stay in sync with the video.

Hope this helps!

BTW love your modules!

Thanks, will try that. Although I don’t really feel like doing all that :slight_smile:

And I am very happy that you love our modules!

Btw My windows system cannot handle it, either. And it’s quite a small patch

Make an aggregate device in Audio MIDI Setup app of your normal output device and the loopback device (blackhole is 0 latency and very lean). Set that device as output in Rack and then the blackhole 2-channel in Quicktime and use Quicktime to record Rack session (I have it set to record whole screen, more stable than window in my tests). Works like a charm.

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Thanks. But what is an aggregate device? (I am a bit new to Apple systems)

I am not at my computer now, so cannot show you. But this link explains what an aggregate device is and how to create it:

It is a very convenient feature of MacOS!

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I installed blackhole. I have created the aggregate device. two outputs: macbook pro speakers and blackhole 2ch Selected blackhole device as input in quicktime

Can record a video, but when I play it back I hear no sound.

Blackhole is a virtual device. To listen back, you have to select a “real” audio device, e.g. your computer audio again.

Oops, sorry @joopvanderlinden , that should be a multi-output device, not an aggregate one, Brainfart on my part. Then the multi-output is selected in Rack and blackhole as input in Quicktime. Then you will hear the sound while recording. Sorry about adding to confusion!

Got it working. Thanks, Koen and Fractal, for helping me out.


Still funny that vcv recorder cannot do this.

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can you upload videos directly here, or should I upload them to youtube first?

The VCV server does not allow big files, so you upload to youtube and post a link here.

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Here it is!

Here’s a small patch that demonstrates what Improv jr can do. It also incorporates some of my ideas behind the modules. I am working on more patches to showcase the JP modules.

Improv plays a very short melody (just four blocks) which is echoed by counterpoint. There’s a third melody that’s just one note repeating. Shift & Shuffle bounces the melody back one block on every cycle (with the eoc trig). Each note pool has a different set of notes, and Navigator makes us step through the note pools. Note that I use just a few notes in the pool, I prefer that over entire scales. (That’s why I came up with the name “note pool”, because I don’t use scales that much :slight_smile: ) Note that I use the Navigator function where it’s not set exactly how many steps are used before switching. Also note: every time a note pool is selected, Improv will create a new sequence from the notes available in the note pool. Sometimes not all notes will show up. Navigator also controls the cutoff freq of the Nitrous filter, and something in DissonantVerb.

Las point of interest: Please note how lovely DissonantVerb is. Yes, this is a shameless plug for Nysthi stuff, too :slight_smile: