VCV recorder - no H264 option


Just installed Rack 2 on my new Macbook Air. I’ve noticed there is no option to use H264 to record video, although the manual for the module suggests it should be there.

Anyone know how I can get this working. Maybe I need to install the CODEC??

Want to edit my vids in Davinci Resolve, and that doesn’t support MPEG-2 :frowning:

I think that due to mpeg licensing issues you need to build it yourself if you want 264?

I would be astounded if Davinci doesn’t transcode from MPEG-2 to 264. If it truly doesn’t, get some software that does. I have several Adobe programs that do this, and I have heard that the free ffmpeg does, too.

Thank you!

I double checked, and Da Vinci definitely doesn’t support MPEG-2 :frowning:

I will look at ffmpeg I guess.

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Thanks. This worked a treat once I got ffmpeg installed :slight_smile:

Ffmpeg is great! I’ve used it on ubuntu servers to do mixing.

The great VLC Media Player also has used FFmpeg forever…

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