VCV Rack Saving As .v on Mac (Unable to Open Or Save)

I’ve run into a odd issue on my friend’s computer. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere. It occurs on both 1.1.6 and 2.

Basically, when saving patches, VCV rack is saving them as .v and not vcv. When trying to open patches that are of the actual .vcv extension, it looks like the program is converting those to .v and throws an error. I am unable get patched opened or saves on this mac regardless of where they come from folder wise (e.g the patches folder, the desktop, etc). This is Mac 10.14.6

The log reads this when saving as a .vcv extension [180.404 info src/patch.cpp:86] Saving patch /Users/hhitchen/Dropbox/My Mac (Han’s MacBook Pro)/Documents/Rack/patches/cdfdvfvs.v

When loading a vcv patch that is .vcv extension, it reads [118.720 info src/patch.cpp:163] Loading patch /Users/hhitchen/Dropbox/My Mac (Han’s MacBook Pro)/Documents/Rack/patches/Generative_PiecePatch_01.v

I suspect this is what is causing patches to not open or save properly. The log is simlar on Rack 2. Any advice?

There’s your clue. It’s not encouraged or supported to run Rack patches out of Dropbox or OneDrive.

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That is a weird user name. I’ll bet that is the problem, some bug in vcv saving or loading when the path is bizarre. Can you save to some other folder?

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I know this might sound crazy, but it looks like my friend has a majority of their computer files in a dropbox folder. I’m a windows user, so it’s a little odd to see that. The default downloads folder on their favorites menu even leads to the one housed in the dropbox folder.

I’ll try creating a folder outside of that entire directory and see if that’s the issue. Thanks

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Thank you both for the quick help. I have never seen this, but almost every folder in use on my friend’s device is a dropbox folder. So, if you have odd issues like this, dropbox was the issue in this case. Now, we have a bigger issue to tackle haha

Doh! completely missed that. I’d still bet that the spaces and parenthesis are more likely the immediate cause the the filename getting corrupted, but, yeah, dropbox.