VCV Rack Pro 2.0.5 Crashes Ableton Live 10

The VCV plugin versin 2.0.5 crashes Ableton live 10 every time you load a live set that the plugin is in.

Error reproduction: Start Ableton Load VCV plugin into a track Save the set. Quit Live Restart Live Reload the saved set Crash! Remove the VCV plugins from the plugins folder. Reload the saved set, no crash!

Rack 2.0.6 is now available, so it’s worth seeing whether that fixes your problem - see Rack development blog - #81 by Vortico

I can’t reproduce your crash here - there must be something different about our environments. Could you provide a bit more information?:

Which operating system are you running, and what version?

Could you provide some files, to help track down the crash? In your Rack user folder (see VCV Manual - Frequently Asked Questions for where to find that) you’ll find these files - could you make it crash and then attach these files here?:

  • log.txt
  • settings.json
  • template-plugin.vcv (if it exists; it might not)

Also, if you’re on macOS, you might find that there’s an OS-level crash report for Live in the Console application - if so, could you attach that as well?

Finally, it’s possible that the crash is in one of your Rack plugins rather than in Rack itself. The plugins live in the plugins folder within your Rack user folder - if you move them aside, then load your Live Set, does it still crash or does it load with a message about missing plugins?

If it loads, the crash is probably in one of your plugins. With any luck the log files will tell us which it is, but you could figure it out for yourself by moving half of them back into the plugins folder and trying again, and repeating the process to narrow it down to the one failing plugin. If that sounds a bit tedious, you’re right. :slight_smile: You can always send the log files first, and that might tell us what we need to know.

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Sorry for my late Reply. With Rack 2.0.6 there’s no crash anymore. So, Problem is fixed.

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