VCV Rack & Neutron & O Coast - Largo

So this time, I sat first at the piano and wrote a short chord progression. I then programmed it in VCV Rack with using Foundry from Impromptu, and started adding voices and textures.

I’ve used 4 Cosmic Oscillators as you can see on the screen, but each one of them has actually two oscillators, so, all in all, there are 8 different voices for the chords. On the BeatStep Pro I programmed 2 sequences. One is sequencing the Neutron, and the other one is sequencing another voice in VCV Rack. The KeyStep is sequencing the O Coast, and I also transpose this sequence when needed. The O Coast is sending its random voltage to a few destinations through a splitter, and one of them is the cutoff point of the Neutrons’ filter. With the Midilar controller, I control a few parameters in VCV Rack like distortion, cutoff point, and levels.

What a beautiful chord progression, emotive but also carrying a sense of wonder and optimism. Congrats.

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Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: