VCV Rack Load error

I have a patch that was working and after a recent update of some mods it now just closes when trying to open it. No message or anything. log.txt (78.9 KB) How do I start to debug this? Sorry I know this has been asked many times but a search didn’t get me any closer. TIA

[28.585 info src/engine/Engine.cpp:1395 fromJson] Creating module Starling Via SCANNER
[28.940 fatal adapters/standalone.cpp:48 fatalSignalHandler] Fatal signal 11. Stack trace:
32:  0x0
31:  0x0
30: _C_specific_handler 0x7ff856187f60
29: _chkstk 0x7ff857992240
28: RtlRaiseException 0x7ff857941070
27: KiUserExceptionDispatcher 0x7ff857990e60
26: strlen 0x7ff8561bd2c0
25: ZN7Scanner12dataFromJsonEP6json_t 0x7fff97f8a280

Looks like an issue with the Scanner module from Starling Via. It fails reading data from JSON patch settings.

Test with a new patch and the Scanner module alone and see if you run into issues.

Thank you for your help. If I delete that plugin the patch will load but of course will not work correctly so it would appear that there is something wrong in the latest Starling update. However, if I go back to the previous version it fails with that one so???

It’s can manifest in random seeming ways. That module seems to have a bad bug. Get it fixed or don’t use it.