VCV Rack Ideas: "SHORT VCV RACK TIP" series new video

(Artem Leonov) #1

Yesterday I heard about #jamuary challenge so I’m a bit late but…anyway, today I’m starting new video SHORT VCV RACK TIP series on my Instagram page. Subscribe to stay tuned! Hope this will be useful for you! Link -
Today I show a techno patch and tell you about a new feature of the Bogaudio Sample n Hold Module.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #2

Sounds great Artem! But Instagram??? The worst player and UI ever invented. Such a shame.

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #3

GET WITH T3H TIMEZ MAAAAAAAAN. All the kidz are doin the instachat filtersnapagramadoodles!

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #4

sounds epic… Imma have to watch that one and see if i can emulate some of the shiny sounds!

(Artem Leonov) #5

There are several reasons for this.
First of all, one minute limit is a motivation for me, so I kind of keep a video diary.
Secondly, I want to attract more users to VCV Rack and the most surprising is that the result is already there.
In the third - do not worry about the quality, I will collect a few short videos in one and put it on YouTube)

(Stephan) #6

just for the oldfashioned senior rackerz you maybe could release the videos
on instagram and youtube simultaneously

(Artem Leonov) #7

you are welcome