VCV Rack gets physical - A DIY project 19" Hardware Controler

The modules look super nice.

Regarding the switches, what @PaulPiko says is correct. The switches are not available in the free versions.

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Ouaaa ! Stabile is my favourite filter ! It’s really nice to see it as "kind of " hardware :smile:

Thank you for the information. I never noticed the thing with the switches because I use the Premium and Compacts modules.

Thanks, this is a great compliment from the master of modules

I’d like to ask you what hardware you are using and how it works for you so far.
What platform are you using? is it stable and reliable?

I have just finished the soldering of my MIDI-controller, I just connected 64 knobs to 8 multiplexers to an Arduino Nano V3 clone… but not all knobs work as expected, I get some strange behaviour here and there, and I don’t really know if I can fix it enough to make all knobs work… maybe I should have invested in some solid MIDI platform…

Hi, I’m using the Doepfer USB64 USB/Midi module. This is very stable and reliable. I have been using the same module in another controller for years. This is completely uncomplicated, super documented and works (if everything is connected correctly) at the first go without any programming or the like. You only have to map the potentiometers and/or buttons in VCV or another DAW. Let me know if I can help you any further.

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At first sight this looks just like an Arduino with 8 multiplexers… And it’s quite expensive for that…
I don’t know what the differences are or why I have such problems with my controllers… but I think I will give up on it, at least for now, and just buy 2 more Akai Midimixes for about the same price to be ready for 1.0 and start making music again… :slight_smile:

Meanwhile… I used the time until V1 to build a bunch of modules.

and now… i already need a second rack…


These look absolutely amazing!

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Thank You very much. Proud to hear that.

Look pretty good alright, I wonder would printing the panels on glossy paper look better?

That could be, but the paper I use is smooth and matt, but above all it is smudge-proof.

Photographic paper?

No, it’s something like this:

It should not be too expensive. Because there are so much modules to build :wink:. Such a front panel, e.g. 50 mm wide, like the “Stabile” costs less than 0.25 € incl. printing.

Think my ad blocker is stopping that page from opening.

Such a cool project, nice work!

This is the paper (foil) I use for the front panels. 20 sheets are about 20€

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When can we buy them!

Thank you so much. I’d also like to build a module of yours, but your great sequencers have (of course) so many keys that it gets relatively expensive because of that and the many hardware inputs I need. Maybe I could build a “Big Button Sequencer”, which I also like very much.