VCV Rack error: OpenGL version is outdated

I tried to run VCV rack on my computer, but it says that I have an openGL version that is lower than 2.0, and refuses to open. I actually have version 3.1 of OpenGL. I have tried to update my drivers, but apparently they were already at the latest version.
What is happening? I need some help.

Hi, @yg125yg! Please note that officially, Andrew provides support only at github here:

Anyway! For all of us it will be easier to help you if you will specify what is your operating system, graphics card etc.

Also check this similar issue here:
Maybe it’s your case?


That’s almost exactly my same problem, the only difference is that my graphics card is Intel 3000 and not 2000.
I guess that I may need to replace my graphics card.

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Intel 3000 are integrated graphics. If you are running on a desktop then you might have the luxury of upgrading GPU, however Integrated graphics are on a CPU.

Could you provide more information, such as:

The exact model of the GPU / CPU.
Your operating system.
What graphics driver is actually installed.

There was another report of messed up graphics with Intel 3000 HD which was reporting the latest drivers which in fact was not the latest, see this post:

I suspect the problem that these users are experiencing is Windows 10 related.
The driver that supported OpenGL 3.1 on Intel 2000 & 3000, in Windows 7, 8 & 8.1, does not work in Windows 10 and Microsoft replaced that driver with one that is only OpenGL 1.0 compatible.

I have a Intel 3000 machine still on Windows 7 64-bit and VCV Rack runs successfully, though in limited capacity. I have a different PC that I use just for audio work.

try this driver.
MOD NOTE: There is no guarantee that a driver for different hardware will work for the hardware it does not support.

Try at your own risk

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Wow… that’s really bad style. Stinks of either incompetence or a deliberate stab against OpenGL. :frowning:

or a stab against intel, to get them to fix their driver to be compatible

or a poke at the consumer!

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