VCV Rack Drums

I threw together a SFZ Player patch using Squinky Labs SFZ player and Wave Alchemy’s free Korg MS 20 drum samples. First, you’ll need to download the wave and SFZ files from here (Wave Alchemy includes some SFZ files that you can immediately use): MS-20 mini Drums | Free drum samples. There are a few stages in the video.

  1. Unprocessed drum sounds
  2. Drop pitch one octave on SFZ sampler
  3. Switch channels on mixer to the Band Pass Filter.
  4. Turn CV so that the Fc is being modulated by random noise. There are 8 separate noise gates affecting the 8 different channels in the filter. The sounds vary wildly between different filters.
  5. Use the VISH AR envelope to shorten the drum sounds.

oh, that’s really cool! shows you can start with samples and process away to make them totally your own. very nice.

I really like the Hora analog drums, well worth the money. One really nice feature is the accent input. This is very useful.

Knock is great; also, well worth the money.

Also the starling via module is great. I’ve made some really nice BD’s.