VCV Rack Bay Area talks July 2019

Announcing San Francisco / Bay Area talks for July 2019. Join us to learn about the basics, new features, and future developments of VCV Rack, meet Rack users/developers, and hear live Rack performances.

front classroom
Stanford CCRMA · Knoll 217 classroom · Wed July 3 · 5:30pm
Focusing on virtual modular DSP, C++, and how Rack works.

Hacker Dojo · Santa Clara, CA · Tue July 9 · 7:30pm

ROBOTSPEAk · San Francisco, CA · Wed July 10 · 6:30pm
Focusing on using VCV Rack with hardware, upcoming Eurorack ports.

Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic! · Supplyframe / Hackaday SF office · Thu July 11 · 6:30pm
Live performance by anti.negative


NOTE: You’ll not be able to watch them here, but follow the link showed in the video to watch them in YouTube.

BTW, it’s first time i see someone eating pizza in a lecture :joy: